Devil's Diner is all about giving people what they DON'T want! Get instructions directly from the devil and order food that people hate the most based on their preferences. You must remember the orders as once you've accepted an order you can't view it again. Further levels have you making food with more items! Watch out for liars as they will lie  about their preferences and so their likes and dislikes are in reverse!


Sound Effects:

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I liked this, but man did it get hard on the last level!

For the tutorial, I wasn't sure but it looked like you used screenshots for the tutorial screens. Would have looked cleaner to duplicate the game scene and position all the elements manually.


Thanks for the feedback, I agree the images definitely would have been cleaner if they were there own levels. I think that was pure laziness on my part for overlaying them over the main menu hahaha 

Rebuilt as version 1.0 to include music credits that had accidentally been  deactivated for taking screenshots/videos.