Left Click - Shoot

Left Click - Skip objective text

R - Restart Current Level

The Task

As part of a salvage team you must move the debris using your cannon ready for transportation.

20+ Levels

With 20+ levels to attempt all with new challenges, can you complete them all with 3 stars?


Fragmented Space was created for the 'Weekly Game Jam Week 210' a week long game jam around the theme 'Fragments'. 

This inspired us to make a game based on the fragments of space debris that need to be cleaned up. 

The player must shoot and sort the debris into the collection zones in the required number of bullets.


Vuhyio - James Gargette -

Magic Space - CodeManu -


Download 38 MB


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It could be improved if you work around the amount of time spent between stages. Good game. Very relaxing

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! We did add a skip when left clicking text but yeah I agree, especially if you have to restart it should skip it for subsequent attempts. Including star animations etc as well it can be quite long. Glad you found it relaxing!