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There's nothing better to do in the apocalypse than golf! Grab your golf club and take aim at the incoming horde, one bite and you're done! Try to combo zombies by having their heads bounce into other zombies and get a high score. 

Taking The Shot

Begin lining up a shot by pressing 'E' when next to a golf ball. This puts you in to firing mode. You can exit the ball in a hurry by pressing 'E' again.

You can then aim by moving your mouse and you can take the shot by holding down the left mouse button. This increases the distance and height over time indicated by the blue dashed line. The golf ball will bounce on the grass so factor that in. You cannot reduce your shot distance so cancel out or fire and hope for the best!


Golf balls have durability, a full health golf ball will be white, then yellow and then red. If a red golf balls hit a zombie it will break

A Helping Hand

You're not alone, on top of the RV a friend helps out by throwing new golf balls down to you, if you're lucky you might be able to kite a zombie in to some of his throws!


Knocking zombie heads into other zombies racks you up a combo and it might save your life!


Bunkers reduce how far you can hit the golf ball, they also prevent the golf ball from bouncing. Walking over bunkers will slow you down even if you're running (left shift), zombies are unaffected by the sand.


Zombies will catch on fire when walking through the camp fire, you can also set golf balls on fire and light zombies on fire with them. This doesn't deal any extra damage but does cause them to emit more light. This can be useful at times during the night.

Zombie Types

The golf course is home to not just regular zombies but fast zombies as well. Keep an eye out for speedy red zombies...

Day/Night Cycle

When night hits you have two things to be worried about. Visibility and double the chance of fast zombies spawning.

Don't Get Bit!


  • W,A,S,D - Move
  • Shift - Run
  • E - Lock/unlock onto ball
  • Hold LMB - Charge Shot
  • Release LMB - Fire Shot

Install instructions

    1. Download the ProtectTheGreen.zip file.
    2. Extract the ProtectTheGreen.zip file
    3. Run the Protect The Green.exe file.


    ProtectTheGreen.zip 30 MB


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